25 July 2010

a new page

With a little bit of prompting, I am trying out an idea, which is to write about everyday doings of the fado. I don't have a clear plan. The site might have record reviews, interviews with people inside the fado, ruminations on TV shows, who knows.

There are three reasons why this idea is absurd. First, no one is listening. Second, I am very far away from Lisbon. Third, I am writing in English. (I have a bunch of stuff already written and on the web in Portuguese. It's here: http://noitesperdidas.net.) I could write this thing in Portuguese, but I'm not sure that would make sense. The daily life of the fado and the Internet do not have a ton in common (though some stuff does appear to be happening on Facebook these days). So I doubt that anyone in Portugal would care.

Let me see what I can do with this.


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