19 July 2011

not doing too well with my schedule...

I have a couple of reports to make on my recent trip to Lisbon (a wonderful visit to Sr. Fado in the Alfama, and a great afternoon with José Lúcio visiting his personal museum of the fado), as well as the second and third installments in the "Listening to Fado" series. However, at the moment I do not have the time to write any of these things.

In the meantime, below are some of the photos of a fado show that was organized during a conference that I recently attended in Lisbon. A brief writeup  (in Portuguese) is here. Thanks once again to Michael da Silva for helping to make the concert possible, also to Jorge Fernando, to Guilherme Banza, and to the incomparable Raquel Tavares for the beautiful music.

Guilherme Banza, Jorge Fernando

Raquel Tavares

Maritime Museum


  1. O fado é algo único no mundo, e é o que melhor define o povo português.

    Parabéns pelo blog.

  2. Obrigado pelo comentário.