11 October 2012

If you're traveling soon to Lisbon...

Here is an event worth attending if you will be in Lisbon over the next couple of weeks. Fátima Fernandes is a stalwart of the fado scene, and on 28 October 2012 she'll be celebrating 40 years in the fado (as well as a new CD). The list of singers and musicians for this event is testimony to her renown: there are so many great artists on this list, it's mind-boggling. The event will take place at the Voz do Operário. This is a biggish hall (maybe a couple of hundred people)--but don't worry, it'll be full and homey. Here is Fátima at the Grupo Desportivo de Mouraria. Yes, approximately everyone is singing along to this. Parabéns Fátima Fernandes! Mereces isto e muito mais!


  1. Hello, actually I just came back from Lisbon where I spend an amazing weekend!
    Now I'm looking for help: I felt in love with a fado song that I can't find anywhere. They play it on the tourist tour bus of the city. I tried to write to them but noo one replied to me. I think the ritme had some bachada influence but I loved it. Any chance you an help me some how? Thanks :)

  2. Friend, I simply cannot imagine what it was! Keep listening to the fado and perhaps one day you will hear it again!

  3. Hello, I am going to Lisbon over Christmas, where should I go to listen to fado?
    Thank you,

    1. Try Sr. Fado and Esquina d'Alfama, both in Alfama. If you're a late night person, you can try your luck at Mesa de Frades (also in Alfama). These are all in close proximity to each other. Have a good time!