12 January 2011

Trovas Antigas, Saudade Louca

It's now (usually) possible to watch RTP/Memória and RTP2 over the Internet, thereby making available some high quality fado programming to those outside Portugal.

Rui Vieira Nery
The big news is that they are continuing to show the series "Trovas Antigas, Saudade Louca." The eminence grice behind the series is Rui Nery (left), who worked on this as part of Lisbon's attempt to have the fado designated as património immaterial by UNESCO.

 I've seen the first three episodes and they were really great. The third episode is being shown "tonight" (US east coast time), or 00:20 in Lisbon.

Showings for the others are as follows (according to the RTP site, which one should never trust fully). Note that a program happening at 00:20 on a Tuesday is actually included with the Monday listing. Not so smart, but that's how they do it.

All times listed as local Lisbon time.

#4: 14-1 at 01:05 (1h duration)
#5 e #6: 15-1 às 01:12 (2h duration)

Source for times:

Bit about the series:

Here is the new RTP site.

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