24 October 2011

Great new stuff at Rádio Amália

Alot of new things are happening at Rádio Amália.

The nightime program "Amigos do Fado" (Friends of the Fado), which was run by Vergílio Pereira until his untimely recent death, is at last in very capable hands. The new announcer is José Gonçalez, and the show runs Monday through Friday from 8pm to midnight (Lisbon time). Even if you do not understand Portuguese, it is worth tuning in, at least for the following reasons:

1. Grande Prémio Nacional de Fado. They are broadcasting of snippets from the current country-wide quest for the best fado singers, male and female, of various ages. Last week's winner in her age group was Beatriz Felício (she is twelve). Friday nights.
2. High-profile guests who bring their own lists of favorite fados for us to listen to and for them to discuss (either Pedro or Helder Moutinho was there recently). His interviews are good. Maybe his undergrad degree in psychology helps with this? Tuesday nights.
3. Live broadcasts from fado houses. Tonight (10/24) it's the turn of "O Faia", where Lenita Gentil, António Rocha and Anita Guerreiro (among others) are among the features. Monday nights.
4. Fado Vadio. Live fado in the studio. Wednesday nights.
5. Amália. Every hour starts off with a fado sung by "a nossa diva" (as Pereira used to say). Very classy move.

(There is something happening on Thursdays, but I missed it.)

PLUS, during the day you can hear Joaquim Maralhas and Inga Oliveira. Incidentally, I think it was on Inga's program that I first heard him, being interviewed with António Pinto Basto about their musical collaboration (Gonçalez is also a singer).

I should also mention in passing that RTP has a new Internet-only radio station dedicated to the fado. This morning I was listening to a long interview about a recent exposition in Coimbra concerning the fado of that city. They also frequently play live material not available on record. The Internet-based player shows the current and past few tracks (which is good because they frequently do not have a DJ). There is also an iPhone/iPad app for Portuguese radio that enables you to tune in to RTP (TV and radio) when on the go. If you want to hear Rádio Amália on an iPhone, use something like the the Rádio Portugal app.

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