05 March 2012

Two upcoming fado shows in the US

Carlos Macedo was born in 1946 in Lousado, Vila Nova da Famalicão, on 9 December 1946. 
He is a singer, musician, author, composer, as well as a craftsman of the Portuguese guitar. In 1982, he began a long tenure at Sr. Vinho, a highly regarded Lisbon fado house under the direction of Maria da Fé, where he remained until 2008. 

By 1991, Carlos Macedo had recorded eight records and accompanied other fadistas on innumerable other records. He traveled widely, playing in Brazil, Spain, The Netherlands, Canada, Belgium and France. 

In 2000 he released "Este Meu Fado," on the Strauss label. He was honored in 2006 by Lousado, his home city, by the festival commission of the "Romaria Nova", and remains strongly connected to the city. On 22 April 2010 he presented "Entre Nós o Fado" at the Fado Museum in Lisbon, and again on 26 May 2010 at the Casa das Artes in Vila Nova da Familiação. His work is now distributed by the Metro-Som label.

Nathalie Pires is a young Portuguese-American fado singer. I've heard her sing live a few times and it has always been worthwhile. Here she is the headliner of a show featuring lots of local talent, both singers and musicians.

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