29 April 2013

Where to hear fado in the US?

Ask Feligénio--he is on the case.

I've had the pleasure of many months of contact with Feligénio Medeiros: Açorean by birth, and a man with a voracious appetite for the fado. I first met him in person during a recent visit by the fadista Sonya da Silva to the US (see the post from this blog, with photos by Feligénio). This past month he brought  Sara Correia from Lisbon to Massachusetts to perform in a variety of venues (report coming soon).

But his major contribution to the fado to date is his web site: FadoNight. The site is a collection of information on upcoming and prior fado shows, particularly the more intimate ones, that are happening in the US and Canada. The site also contains a large and ever-growing list of restaurants that offer fado.

This is an indispensable service to those (expecially in New England) who are looking for fado. The site is updated regularly. And if you know of some fado happening in the US that is not listed on the site, send him some email: info at fadonight dot com.

P.S. Feligénio and I are also both steady contributors to the group "Fado in the US" on Facebook, where you can go for additional background and reviews of fado shows in the US. The group is open. If you want to post, simply request permission to join.


  1. Hi!
    My book about the fado is now being published. It is called ”Fado – en vägvisare till musiken och musikerna” (Fado – a Guide to the Music and the Musicians). It tells about the history of the fado, contains interviews with eight of today’s most well-known singers and short presentations of more than 200 singers, guitar players, poets and composers. 286 pages, about a hundred pictures. The book is in Swedish but may still be of interest to people abroad, especially in Scandinavia. If you are interested in my book, please write to me at psulf@hotmail.com
    Ulf Bergqvist

  2. Thanks Ulf! As I said in my Facebook message, please do send any further info on the book (publisher, ISBN). Thanks, David