18 January 2012

Four Upcoming Fado Shows in the US

Carnegie Hall
New York, NY
24 January 2012
See my report.

Incl. New Bedford on 4 February 2012

Clube dos Açores
Newark, NJ
7 April 2012
Also in Mineola, NY on 14 April 2012
Salão da Igreja Nossa Senhora de Fátima
Elizabeth, NJ
18 February 2012
$45–including dinner

Pedo Botas is a young fadista, based in New Jersey, who has been getting a lot of justly-deserved attention. This is his CD release concert, so I expect that he will be in good form.

I have been following Manuela Cavaco for just a few years. She did ask me to rectify a recent comment about her. She said, "Eu não era amiga íntima de Amália, sou sim perdidamente apaixonada por Amália." That is, "I was not an intimate friend of Amália [Rodrigues], but I am hopelessly enthralled by her." She has a very refined and dignified style, and has played with some top-notch people (always an indicator of the quality of the singer). I spoke with Manuela recently about this show, and she is looking forward to performing here. I think this will be a very good show, and at this price it is likely to sell out fast! See and hear a sample of her work here and on her own blog here.

More on this one later...

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