30 January 2012

Where this blog has been, where it's going

This blog has reached 10,000 hits, so maybe it's time to reflect very briefly on its equally brief history. First off, I must say that I am grateful for those hits. The fado is not exactly a topic with universal appeal, and this blog does not attempt to cover the big names.

Given the scope and readership of the blog, it has been interesting to see Artur Batalha's stock rise (both here and on my YouTube channel). Batalha gets the most queries and the most hits. There are bunches of hits associated with fado performances in the US, and with recent fado records, especially the preview and review of the January 2012 show at Carnegie Hall. The traffic sources are interesting. Somebody in Russia is out there, and there are people coming in from two excellent sites: "Fado Cravo" and "All This is Fado" (come back Anton, we need you!).

Speaking of this, if you want to see some heavy traffic (and excellent) Portuguese language fado sites besides "Fado Cravo", check out Lisboa no GuinessFados do Fado, and de fado. Someday I am going to write an article about the fado in the blogosphere: there is some really good stuff out there. For now, back to work!


  1. Viva!
    Que agradável ver aqui nomeado o FadoCravo!
    Mas não é para falar desse blog que aqui deixo este comentário, antes para lhe dar os Parabéns por este seu, que sigo atentamente, embora comente pouco.
    Obrigada por integrar a Família internética do Fado.
    Saudações fadistas!

  2. Cara O.P. Muito obrigado pelas dicas. É bom ouvir uma voz tão agradável e simpática vindo deste grande espaço digital. Cumprimentos.